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The Benefits Of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an important feature in the American workplace. It is perhaps the most essential tool we have to safeguard employees’ well-being. Specifically, workers’ compensation insurance offers protections to workers who have been injured or fallen ill while on the job. Its intent is to compensate employees for a number of considerations, including:

  • Lost wages stemming from workplace injuries
  • Medical treatments
  • Disability payments in both the short- and long-term
  • Professional retraining

Unfortunately, many individuals encounter a great deal of trouble when trying to claim such benefits in times of need.

What A Lawyer Can Do If Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

Employers often dispute their workers’ claims for compensation. They have many reasons for doing so. One consideration is that their insurance costs increase if their insurers are forced to pay out workers’ compensation claims. Likewise, it can be expensive to replace employees for short periods of time. As such, employers might deny that an injury occurred while the employee was at work, or find procedural errors in the employee’s filing that disqualify him or her from receiving benefits.

In such cases, a lawyer can serve as an important guide. A knowledgeable attorney can support you through the proper process of filing your claim, and ensure that you do not make any of the common missteps that can compromise your ability to receive compensation. Similarly, a lawyer is an important resource concerning how to adequately gather evidence about and document your injury — that is, with firm counsel at your side, you will be better prepared if matters must go to court.

What Do I Do If I Need Help With My Claim?

For more than 25 years, the lawyers at Chinigo, Leone & Maruzo, LLP, have helped individuals in Norwich and throughout eastern Connecticut in their workers’ compensation disputes. If you’d like assistance with your claim, reach out to our offices. You can call us at 860-222-7724, or schedule an appointment online.