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What If I Was Injured By An Underinsured Driver?

The law requires that all cars registered in Connecticut must be insured. But they do not have to be insured for much, and often enough a driver’s coverage is insufficient to pay for the damage he or she has caused. If you have been injured under such circumstances, it can be incredibly difficult to obtain adequate compensation to cover any medical costs you might incur.

The attorneys at Chinigo, Leone & Maruzo, LLP, have more than 25 years of experience helping individuals in Norwich with their personal injury claims. Even in cases where the at-fault driver is underinsured or uninsured, we know how to work with insurance companies and opposing counsel to recover for our clients the financial assistance they need.

We Can Help You Obtain The Compensation You Need — And Deserve

Most car insurance policies have provisions for accidents with underinsured drivers. That is, if an individual with little or no insurance causes you harm, your own policy should cover a substantial amount of your recovery costs. Yet insurance companies frequently contest such claims, or pay out less than you need. When this occurs, many feel as if they have nowhere to turn.

But you have options, and our lawyers can help you define a forward path appropriate for your situation. In most cases, it is most advantageous to make sure insurers adhere to their policies. Our firm has negotiated extensively with insurance companies; we work hard to hold them to account and, when necessary, are unafraid to take them on in court. Meanwhile, at times it may be best to bring suit against the at-fault driver. Here, too, we leverage our experience at trial to serve our clients and help them meet their legal goals.

Fighting On Your Behalf

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